The second issue of "Baltic seasons" is dedicated chiefly to the present history of St. Petersburg Theatre embracing the period of 1910-1990. Its personages are the figureheads of culture of the past and present - Vsevolod Meirhold and Boris Zon to Sergei Slonimsky and Lev Dodin. In the next issue much attension will be dedicated to the festival "The Baltic house" and the historical aspects of our publications will be continued. The portfolio contains chapters from Nikolai Demidov's book and Dina Lukova, who were respectively professors of theatre and TV arts. Also will be included the memories of Alexander Mgebrov about Dmitry Shostakovich and Valery Garvrilin.

Mikhail Grigoriev. The Petersburg side. Islands. The author of this manuscript which has never been published before is a well-known theatre designer - M.A. Grigoriev (1899-1961). He studyed under Shukhaev and Petrov-Vodkin, worked in The Theatre for Young Spectators when A.A. Bryantsev was still there. He founded the New Theatre for Young Spectators and in the end of his career was main designer in The Kommisarzweskaya Theatre. He wrote a book of memories of old St.Petersburg.

Alexander Belinsky. The Temple of pre-war childhood. The episode is from the book "The unfinished" whose author - the artistic director of Theatre of Musical Comedy, a famous TV and theatre director. He dedicated the book to his pre-war memories of the New Theatre for Young Spectators.

Yelena Chernaya. "I remember the school at my life's dawn" Yelena Chernaya used a line from Pushkin's verses to give the title to her memoires. A famous actress, director, teacher, she was lucky to study under Vasily Merkuriev and Irina Meirhold and to do her first steps on the stage with Yuri Tolubeyev and Nikolai Simonov.

Nora Raihsktein. The fragments of memory Nora Raihsktein had spent her childhood and youth in Odessa. The first chapter of her future book is dedicated to a picturesque life of that city and a later evacuation to Sverdlovsk.

Tatyana Zagorskaya. St. Petersburg "debut" of Gropius brothers. The story tells us about the first order to the famous German scenery-designer Karl Wilhelm Gropius (1793-1870) from the administration of the Emperors' Theatre, the story is mostly based on a large variety of archive materials.

Gallery "BS". This section contains basic information about the present and acting directors, designers and actors of St. Petersburg movie and theatre industry.

Maria Kamenetskaya. "With a debut in my mind" This line from Boris Pasternak's poem was taken to be a title of the section in which mastres of the stage remenice of their first appearance on the stage.

Yelena Alexeeva. Flashes on the sun The article is dedicated to the main theatre events of the 1999\2000 season: anniversary of The Maly Drama Theatre's, Theatre of Europe's performance "Brothers and sisters", the premieres of "Chevengur", "Molly Suini", "The bed-bug", "The Turbin's days", "The Dear liar", "Lost among the stars".

Tatyana Marchenko. The "Turbin's days" at the turn of the centuries Review of the performance of The Molodezny Theatre "The Turbin's days".

Yevgeny Sokolinsky. Art for the readers of Marcel Proust and James Joice This article represents the comparison between the "Ornitology" (The Alexandrinsky Theatre) and "Lost among the stars" (Theatre on Liteiny)

Dmitry Tsilikin. Useless splashing of words The article is dedicated to the present situation with theatre criticism.

Igor Stupnikov St. Petersburg Ballet - 2000 The chronicle of ballet life of St. Petersburg of December 1999 - June 2000 was written by a well-known stage and ballet historian, professor of St.Petersburg State University, Ph. D. in Fine Arts. It will appear complete in English on web version of the magazine.

Yakov Hamarmer's time. The article is dedicated to the anniversary of Theatre on Liteiny and the days when Yakov Hamarmer was the director in The Theatre on Liteiny (1960-1970ies).

Dramatis personae The theatre as a part of national safety Tatyana Klyavina, Director of The Russian Institute of history of Arts, talks to the director of Alexandrinsky Theatre - Georgy Saschenko.

Yuri Shestakovich. Sergey Slonimsky as a part of demos This material represents an interview with the prominent composer, a living classic, a representative of Petersburg's musical and literature dynasty of the Slonimsky's.

Johaness Shaaf. "The crack of the world's mentality is inside us" Gulyara Sadikh-zade, a musical critic, talks to the famous German director who is staging a tetralogy of Richard Wagner "The Nibelung's Ring" on the stage of The Mariinsky Theatre.

Olga Chumicheva. The space of personal freedom. This is an essay about Yelena Nemzer - the author of remarcable graphic, oil and scenery works.

Irina Potemkina Curators This is the story about The Academy of Russian Ballet's Museum, its curators - Marietta Frangopulo and Marina Vivien.

Alexander Platunov. "Meetings in Russia- 2000" The article tells about a festival of Russian Theatres of UIN countries, where drama companies from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, The Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova took part as well.

Marina Zabolotnya. "You, Pushkin, is a God and don't know about it yourself" The 7th International Pushkin Theatre Festival collected in Pskov theoritions and actors who staged Pushkin's works. The performance "Oh, You, who loved..." (director Gennady Trostyanetsky) turned out to be one of the best.

Olga Gorgoma. As simple-hearted as the poet's life The performance "The school of Drama Art" became a sensation of the Pushkin's Festival.

Jotaarrkka Pennanen. "Don't let the wild capitalizm murder Russian Theatre" This is a monologue of the Finnish director and theatre worker who works on co-project of staging opera "Anna Karenina".

Gulyara Sadikh-zade. The Tallin sketches. Returning to the future. This is the story of our correspondent about Estonian Fund "kulturkapital" and about Tallin's musical life.

Larisa Doktorova. The 20th century music in the deco of the 19th century. A review of our european correspondent of the performance of Paris Theatre La Bastille - opera "War and Peace". (director Francesca Zambello)

Andrey Zinchuck. Life.exe The author continues to introduce "newcomers" to the computer and its possibilities. This time he talks about the possibilities of connections through computer.

Veniamin Filshtinsky. Recruitment to a theatre school This material represents a part from the article of the famous theatre professor. He talks about the peculiarities of the entrance exams to the actor's department. The article will appear in complete on the web version of the Almanac ( and in the collection of The Academy of Theatre Arts - "How actors are born".

Peter Brook. Two lectures on Shakespeare. This is the first publication of lectures of the famous director of the 1990ies in Russian, dedicated to his work on shakespear's performances.

Galina Kovalenko, a specialist in American drama, introduces us to new translations of Tennessy Williams, John Driver, Jeffry Haddow, Jack Richardson and Terry Johnson - in the first part of the article. And she talks about new plays for children in the second.

Andrey Zinchuk. A plank over a pool This is a piece of a play for children and adults of one of the founders of the union "The Dramatist's house". You can find a whole play on the web version of the magazine


Copyrights: yesterday, today, tomorrow The article is dedicated to the history of Russian authors' society.

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